Does Your Church Have an Identity

When someone enters the Last Days christian mysticism ( what the modern church will call a cult) they will be fed, see a good service and not be asked for an offering. There will be no offering plate passed around during the church service. To anyone that has been in a church once in their life before this will be really strange.

Before the evening service there will be a dinner and everyone will eat together for free. And after the morning service there will be a lunch where all of the people will eat together.

The longer a person goes to the church, the more convinced a person will be that God is in the house. Each week two to three people will give a prophetic message in the church service and in these messages the whole church will be touched by what these prophets say.

Sometimes the prophets will preach and they will say from time to time that Jesus wants to speak and then Jesus will speak through them for up to an hour or so.

This Last Days Church will be so convinced that this way of doing church, and so convinced of the outreaches the church does, and the massive number of missionaries that the local church provide for that they one day will sell their house and bring the money in and give it to the pastor.

The pastor will bring all the large amounts to the Apostle that oversees the church and that money will be spent where the Apostle sees fit. The shares and expensive cars and all things of worth will be sold by the members and the Apostles will re- invest the money.

I see that massive communities will be bought sometimes with the money. Sometimes whole suburbs will almost be owned by the church and in these suburbs there will exist shops that sell products made by the Last Days Church.

The Products of the Last Days Church

In the Last Days God is going to bring many inventors to the church. These folk will be very smart and will have many ideas for inventions but not the money to buy a patent to protect their product or the money to create a prototype. In these Last Days the church is going to have billions of dollars that is set aside to bring the best products to market.

Some people will have a recipe to make a better sauce for cooking with fresh herbs and spices and not as much fat. The Last Days Church will farm the raw produce for the sauce and make it into a big retail product, that will not only sell in the shops of the church, but it will be marketed and sold in all the shops of the country.

There will be clothes designers that will be backed by the Last Days Church and see their designs go to the country and be stocked in all the shops.

Overseas in China where products are made cheap due to cheap labour, the Last Days Church will buy the factories, and fill them with members of the Last Days Church and they will be paid better wages. The products will be imported to our countries and sold in our department stores for little profit in our country but simply to support our workers in other countries.

There are thousands of writers that will have their books published. Unknown authors whose books have received great editing by a great editor, and are good for our church members to read will see their books published.. Writers who write screenplays will see their movies hit the big screen as we own many picture theatres around the country. Musicians will have their music professionally recorded and sold.

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