Drywall Installation as a Way to Repair Your Home Ventilationsoffert

Drywall installation is a finishing and construction material used for covering interior walls and ceilings, Ventilationsoffert Skåne of light partitions. It is suitable for repair and reconstruction of the interior both in apartments with outdated inconvenient designing, and in new homes.

It is easy to install drywall partitions in the apartment. It is enough to buy the necessary materials (profiles and sheets of drywall, as well as sound insulation), prepare the necessary tools, fasteners and get to work. From profiles the strong basic design gathers. It is lined on both sides with drywall boards and filled with mineral wool. The next step is to prepare a new partition for further processing, during which you need to plaster all the joints, seams and caps of screws.

The final stage of work – puttying of a new wall with the subsequent painting or pasting of wall-paper. Use a water level to mark and draw lines on the floor, as well as on the ceiling and walls, using a long ruler or profile. Move the line drawn on the ceiling to the floor using a cord or rope, and then make marks on both walls. Once again, check the accuracy of the leveling lines before making a plasterboard wall.

Remember that these partitions are usually made with doorways to enter an enclosed space. Mark a place on the floor for the doorway where you will install vertical rack profiles for it. Installation of drywall partitions involves the construction of a strong frame. The basis of a framework are horizontal and vertical profiles. First, horizontal profiles are mounted along the perimeter of the future partition, and vertical racks are attached to them, to which the sheets of drywall will be fixed.

We build a plasterboard wall, starting with the installation of a horizontal ceiling profile. Press the profile to the ceiling and attach it with a dowel. Similarly, you need to install the profile on the floor. Proceed to the installation of vertical profiles. Install them so that it is possible to fasten the sound insulation on both sides of the profile.

We make a partition from drywall, paying attention to whether it will exactly lay down on a ready basis. Make sure that the dowel caps do not protrude and that the sheets are installed evenly. When planning how to make a drywall partition, keep in mind that you can place hangers or shelves on it. To do this, between the vertical rack profiles you need to make jumpers to increase the strength of the structure.

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