How to Build Your Own Solar Generator

Building a Solar Generator For House is pretty easy, and is actually quite cost effective as well. for under 200 dollars you can create a portable solar generator that you can take with you camping or use in just about any application that you like.

One great thing about solar power generators are their fast return on the investment. For most simple applications you only need a few components to create a portable solar power generator. Here are a couple of items that you will need to create your solar generator.

The first item is going to be an energy source, this is typically a solar panel (12V) will work fine. You will also need a deep cycle battery such as a marine battery. This will allow you to store the collected energy from your small solar panel.

It is also possible to have an array or multiple solar panels linked together as well to increase the amount electricity that you can create with your solar generator.

To use the power that will be stored in a cell such as a battery you will need to change it’s voltage type most likely from DC – (battery) to AC – (Alternating current). Most appliances and other devices run off of 120V AC, this is where a power inverter is used.

The last item that you will need is a charge controller. A charge controller will allow the electricity to drip feed into your battery storage giving a more even charge, and some controllers will even help you from overcharging your battery bank as well.

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