The Guest House Option In Goa – What To Look For

Museums like Naval Aviation Museum, Museum of Goa, contemporary houses of Goa Museum, Goa – Chitra, The Archaeological Museum, Big Foot Museum, Gallery Gitanjali, temples like Shantadurga Temple, Mangeshi Temple, Shri Mahalasa Temple, Mahalaxmi Temple and beaches like Sinquerim Beach, Miramar Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Siridao Beach are some of the highlights of Goa not to mention the mouth-watering cuisines it has to offer. My holidays in this part of India are always memorable and with so many itineraries I am assured of getting all needs catered to even when I am travelling with family or friends. Accommodation plays a huge role when it comes to travel and luckily the options are endless here in Goa. I decided to try out the guest houses here in one of my trips and the results were just as fulfilling.

If you are traveling to Goa for the first time and you are considering a guest house stay, you can follow my rules of selecting the best; you can never go wrong when you take the time to look at all aspects that matter. Whether the holiday interests are in North Goa or South Goa, you will have plenty of guest houses to choose from.

  • When I am here, I begin by thinking about the kind of location I want during my stay. The beach is sometimes what I want and thus I select guest houses that are near the beach. On trips when I want to get away from all the noise and activities, I look for properties that are set a little further from the centers so I can also enjoy some natural serene surroundings. If an intimate, relaxing holiday is what you are looking for, then guest houses set around nature are the way to go like guest houses near the beaches like Sinquerim Beach, Miramar Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Siridao Beach.
  • The size also matters because it may determine just how many guests I will be sharing the property with so I always look at that. The number of apartments or units may vary from property to another here in Goa, but for me, the fewer the better because it translates into more privacy, calm and quietness when needed. The options are numerous so any kind of traveler will find a size they love the most.
  • A holiday guest house is supposed to be like a home away from home so checking out the amenities and services provided for does matter to me. I am always hunting for the most comfortable rooms and amazing service delivery. Some of the guest houses here are willing to make adjustments to meet my preferences, but you would have to abide by what you find with some. Goa guest house options are numerous and I search till I get something I am most comfortable with like Gabriel Guest House, Anjunapalms Guest House, Veronica Guest House, Palolem Guest House.
  • Even though security is not really an issue in Goa, I still take the step of finding out how the security is in and around the guest house just to be sure. I want to be sure that help will be handy when I need it the most and that I can relax and enjoy my stay without worrying about invasions or losing any items. It has always helped to find about all security measures the house has in place regardless of where in Goa it is located. There are over 300 guest houses in Goa and you will be able to find one which satisfies your security concerns Some of best are Om Sai Guest House, Bougainvillea Guest House, Pinto Guest House, Evershine Guest house.

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