the Texas Syndicate, with a confirmed how to get gold in Mafia City of 241, is the oldest and the second largest inmate gang in the Texas Department of Corrections. The Mexican Mafia or MEXIKANEMI less than 2 years in existence, has a confirmed membership of 304 and is the largest inmate gang in Texas. Hierarchically, both gangs are organized along pare-military lines. The Texas Syndicate is headed by a president and vice president who are elected by the entire membership. On the unit level, the Texas Syndicate is controlled by a chairman who oversees the vice chairman, captain, lieutenant, sergeant of arms, and soldiers. With the exception of the president, vice president, chairman, and vice chairman, all other lower ranking positions are filled by individuals of outstanding criminal activity performance records for the gang. In order to avoid intra-gang conflict, a ranking member, other than the president and vice president, is automatically reverted to the status of a soldier when he is reassigned to a different unit by prison officials. All ranking positions in the Mexican Mafia organization, excluding the sergeants, are elected based on the individuals’ leadership ability to deal harmoniously with people. There is no system designed to avoid intra-gang conflict. Leaders keep their ranks and titles upon reassignment to a different unit by prison officials. Regardless of ranks, both inmate gangs require their members to abide by a strict code of conduct known as the “Constitution.” For members of the Texas Syndicate, the constitution consists of eight rules: be a Texan; once a member, always a member; the Texas Syndicate comes before anyone and anything; right or wrong, the Texas Syndicate is right at all times; all members will wear the Texas Syndicate tattoo; never let a member down; all members will respect each other; keep all gang information within the group (Texas Syndicate Constitution).

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