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Today social media has become such a زيادة متابعين تيك توك tool that there are everyday 2.3 billion active users doing business. But to run a successful business you need to optimise your social media with your main goals. The best technique to optimise your social media goals is to create a compelling call to action which will have a great impact on the reader who will read your content.

Before going ahead it’s important to make it clear what a CALL TO ACTION means?

It is clear by the name CALL TO ACTION means something that encourages the user or reader of your content to take some action in the form of signing up a form for your mailing list or to encourage them to visit your website. Basically it is a region of the screen that drives the reader to click to get engagement with the brand. It can be in the form of a button or an image but mostly it is in the form of button. An effective CTA can be extremely successful on any social media platform. Like on Facebook adding a CTA button can help you to increase the click through rate by 285%.

CTA’s are a critical part to run a successful online marketing strategy

You don’t need to use call to action everywhere as all the types of content don’t require it. Always remember to use the call to action where your goal is to motivate the person into a deep engagement.

If you don’t use this valuable feature then you may miss the valuable sales than can make your business successful. Without it you’re your social media marketing is will be only branding. To generate a lead and convert it into conversion you need to make your social media call to action more effective.

You can use call to action at different levels of marketing depending on the goal you want to achieve. For example: using it in your tweets to encourage people to click the link to read your blog post or you can use it in your website to sign up for your newsletter or to download an eBook or to purchase a product.

Now the main thing is how to create a successful call to action. Here we are going to discuss about the proven methods to make your call to action effective.

1. Determine your business goals

The marketing techniques that you are going to use in your business depend on the goals you want to achieve. To reach your goal you must have some marketing objectives like:-

Increase in sales

Drive traffic to your website

Increase your brand awareness

To have these objectives it would be much easy for you to decide what type of CTA you want. For example: if your objective is to increase the brand awareness then you should offer some interesting advice to encourage people to view and interact with your post. This could be in the form of retweet on Twitter or a share on Facebook. CTA’s can be used at all marketing levels i.e. getting your audience to connect on social media—to make them turn into a customer. So, for every step along the way you can develop a effective call to action.

2. Create engaging content

When it comes to social media you must have heard of quality content because content is the king if you want to bring quality in your posts or articles. There are different types of content on social media but if you want a customer to complete an action, you want to then you need to create a strong and compelling content. And with a great content you can build trust of people within your brand. Content is the most important factor. Adding any content won’t work unless it is inclined with your business goals.

There are mainly 3 types of content you need to include in your social media.


Quality content is one which educates your followers. This is considered to be the number one content in marketing for B2B and B2C businesses. If you are an expert in anything then you should offer your advice to educate other people with your compelling content.


Entertainment is a part of life. This type of content is heavily shared on social media from gifs to memes. Though it is entertaining and visually appealing it includes videos, images and comic strips. Unlike any other content it is more liked and shared and is called to be the most engaging content on social media.


This type of content tells your audience to do certain things and make right decisions. You can use this content to make your fans or followers informed about something to make a decision and keep in mind that you don’t have to provide any story only advice your audience to make the right decision.

So you have to choose which type of content sounds most appealing to your audience.

3. Make them highly visible

Your CTA button or images should be placed adjacent with the readers focus. You can make them highly visible by putting them into the middle of the content where the reader’s natural eye movement captures it. Or you can place them at the top of the page with a bright colour so that it appears to the reader automatically when he opens up your page. Some people use floating CTA’s in which reader scrolls down the website and the CTA stays with them.

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