Online Book Launch: Creating a Buzz for Your Self-Published Novel

Online acim book more and more popular in the last few years. E-books are all the rage, and some e-books become very successful without ever being sold in paperback or hardback editions. Some e-publishing sites offer authors the ability to market their book in a print on demand format as well. This makes it possible to offer paper editions of books without printing up and storing a large inventory of books. However, even with all the opportunity in e-publishing right now, a book can get lost in the shuffle without a proper book launch.

Fortunately, it is possible to launch your e-book online quickly and easily. There are three main components to the internet book launch. First, the book must be completed, formatted and uploaded to the e-publishing site. Second, the media must be informed. Finally, the author should reach out directly to her audience. The process is most effective when a specific book launch date is set.

Uploading Your New Novel

Getting a novel into the correct format for an e-publishing site can be tricky. Not all sites have the same requirements or offer the same help. The best way to approach e-publishing is to research many e-publishing sites, choose the one you want to work with, and read all their how-to’s, FAQ’s and author forums to become familiar with the process. If you need help, contact the site’s help line. Most sites will give you links where you can find answers to your questions. If you want a more personal experience with the e-publisher, you can always pay for publishing packages that give more one-on-one help.

Informing the Media

After you have chosen your launch date and before that date arrives, you will need to have a plan for alerting the media of your new book. The best way to do this online is to create a press release and have it ready to be submitted to a PR distribution site on that specific launch date. A well-crafted press release will tell important information about the book, about you as the author, and about the availability of the book. When the news hits the internet, you should be ready to receive orders for the book.

Reaching Out to Readers

There are several ways to reach out to your target audience. Start by creating a blog about your book or topics related to your book. If you already have a blog, be sure to create a very special entry to go live on the day of your book launch. Use keywords in the blog post that will attract the types of readers who will buy your book.

Also, you can reach out to your readers through online forums. Most e-publishers have a forum to provide a virtual place where readers can learn from each other about new books.

A third step you can take to reach your target audience is to encourage readers to write reviews and submit them to the sales page for your book on the e-publisher’s website. The best idea is to give the book out to a critics and/or acquaintances and ask them to post the reviews on the date when your self-published book will be launched.

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