present education system of pakistan and islam

No nation in the world can survive without getting good quality and advance education that takes the nation towards development. Being a Muslim country the a course in miracles system of Pakistan must follow our Islamic values and Fiqh, but in real the education system of Pakistan needs a lot of amendments to become in line with Islamic virtues and Fiqh.

In Islam the real purpose of learning is to become more close to Allah, his prophet (P.B.U.H) and teaching of Quran, but unfortunately this purpose is not visible in our modern education system. The policy of Islam regarding education always aimed towards the building of Islamic mindset and Islamic nature. When these two things are combining together they form an Islamic personality.

Currently there are many education systems are running in Pakistan. Private schools have their own syllabus. Only the board examination syllabus is same in a district, and board syllabus varies from board to board. Some international school systems have more different education systems and offers O’ levels, A’ levels. All these education systems are not as according to the Islamic nature as they mostly follow the western education system in which the history is only about to tell the students regarding world wars held earlier. Islamic is a religion of PEACE and prosperity.

The madrassas are supposed to be the provider of Islamic education, but in real the scenario is very different. The result of these madrassas is in front of us. These are only for those children whose family cannot afford to send them schools or who are not interested in school education. There are also some negative impact of madrassa that they are creating terrorist and this rumor damage a lot the impression of Madrassas. There are some non-Islamic activist that are trying to destroy the image of Madrassas.

The education system of Pakistan should be according to the Islamic values as Pakistan is an Islamic country. In Pakistan education is now become a business instead of service. Workshop conducted for teachers about how they can teach and relate their course with Islamic Fiqh.

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