Some Exciting Discos That Ensure a Vibrant Nightlife in Miami

The city of Miami architects is located in the southeastern part of Florida on the coast of the Atlantic. This city, also classified as the Alpha-World City, is among the most renowned places in the world for its vibrant and active nightlife. Especially the beaches in Miami are flocked with some of the hottest night clubs and discos that attract people from all over the globe. So if you are thinking of visiting Miami you must be a part of its active nightlife to enjoy the real beauty of the place. Speaking of the discos and nightclubs in Miami, there are a few of them that are worth mentioning.

• The Mynt Lounge: This is one of the top class night clubs located in Collins Avenue along the Miami Beach. If you visit there you are bound to find a number of models, actors, rock stars and other celebrities here and there. It has a lounge that is highly modern and futuristic themed and is one of the most exclusive discos found in the area. With a small hopping dance floor, modular white couches, cool music and a long and exclusive bar this place is bound to attract you every night. The drinks served in the bar are also of high quality and very expensive. This nightclub includes some of the most sophisticated and top class people in its guest list and entry into this club is not very easy. So you better make sure that sign up online for being in their guest list before you actually visit the club. Otherwise you would not be able to gain entry into this nightclub unless you are either very famous, beautiful, well dressed or rich.

• The Mansion: This is another top class disco located in a renovated art deco theater at Washington Avenue. It is a favorite among the hip hop celebrities and models. Some of the exclusive features of this multi level club include VIP areas, rooms, bars and a range of dance floors. Every now and then live concerts featuring some well known artists also take place in this club. Superior quality of sound and above average seating capacity makes it a great place for enjoying live music. The line for entering into this top quality club is almost always very long and the doormen are also very selective about letting the persons enter the club.

• The Nikki Beach Club: This open air club is among the toughest clubs in Miami to get into. It serves multiple purposes in the sense that it transforms itself from being an upscale restaurant during the daytime into a hot and active lounge and dance club during the night. Situated at the tip of Ocean Drive on the Miami Beach, you will always find some sophisticated, rich and beautiful crowd in this place during the weekends when anything can go. This beautiful restaurant cum club is located right beneath the palm trees and directly on the sand of the beach. The nice wooden decor, pretty white fabrics and the awesome view of the ocean provides you with a trendy so-be experience.

• The LIV Nightclub: This is one of the most popular nightclubs in the city of Miami and hence entry into this club is not so easy. It is located inside the Fontainebleau Hotel at Collins Avenue in Miami Beach. It has a significant position among the nightclubs in the city. The lavish design, huge space and highly outrageous entertainment facilities availed by this nightclub has given it a really notable position among all the nightclubs in Miami. Going to this club, you will get a feeling that you are at Las Vegas without even having to leave Miami. The Miami New Times had named their Skyboxes as the best VIP Room in the year 2009.

• The Set Miami Nightclub: Another top class nightclub in the city of Miami is the Set Miami nightclub located at Lincoln Road in the Miami Beach. It is a place where you will be able to find some of the hottest DJs and the best drinks within quite a reasonable range. In the year 2009 this nightclub was named as the Best Dance Club by the Miami New Times. The tables and the couches in this club are designed in a way so as to support maximum consumption of alcohol and minimum of dancing. But these factors do not stop the visitors to the club from dancing on top of the bars and the tables. At the present moment this nightclub is by far the best suited place for hearing the best and the hottest DJs in the area. This nightclub also being among the top best in Miami is quite tough to get into.

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